Dear community,

After nearly a hundred days of testing, we are very happy to announce that the Alpha version of dFed is coming to an end. Next, we will officially migrate to Binance smart chain for better promotion of dFed and the Defi ecosystem.

After a period of development, Binance…

Hello everyone

Thank you for your attention, the award-winning test event is finally here!

We have prepared up to 10,000,000 MTV in total as rewards for participants, don’t miss it!


Test the robustness of and prepare for the official release


2020.12.06 ~ 2020.12.12, UTC+8


Basic functions test, limited…

This is a tutorial about the usage of, it is tested and written under the Ropsten network, if you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us by email or social media to get more info.

Let’s rock ~

Connect the wallet currently only supports MetaMask at the moment…

Decentralized Federal Reserve Board that Enable Everyone to Issue Currency

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