Hello, World; Hello, cross-chain movement!

Dear community,

After nearly a hundred days of testing, we are very happy to announce that the Alpha version of dFed is coming to an end. Next, we will officially migrate to Binance smart chain for better promotion of dFed and the Defi ecosystem.

After a period of development, Binance smart chain has fully proven its influence in the Defi field and has officially become a decentralized value catcher. Its superiority in performance and gas fees has far surpassed Ethereum. The migration to Binance smart chain is also more in line with dFed’s vision of benefiting the general public, and can better bring out the characteristics of dFed.

Yes, dFed will support two chains at the same time and will be more open to supporting more chains and open cross-chain bridges in the future.

After completing the deployment of dFed on the Binance smart chain, we will conduct more bounty and testing activities, and everyone is welcome to participate.

In particular, the growth of dFed is inseparable from the strong support of the MultiVAC community. Thanks to the friends for their tireless testing, submitting problem reports and encouraging us to move forward. In the follow-up, we will give priority to the rights and interests of MTV holders in dFed, regardless of the form of distribution.

Let’s move together, cheers!

Contact us:

Email: team@dfed.finance

Twitter: @dFed_finance

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ztgFdQm

GitHub: https://github.com/dFed-finance



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