Here we are, has been officially released!

Dear friends, is running on Ethereum Mainnet now.

You are welcome to use this Defi app to participate in a fabulous journey!

Unlike other Defi platforms, in, you can use any token to mine and lend. It means supports all kinds of tokens and it is self-serviced.

Moreover, both the swap fee and lend interest are 0 at the moment, unlimited mortgage rate can maximize your liquidity and capital leverage.

Contract address:

  • aFED : 0xd750d799fcbf8a5ed8ba39d01afdd4091775a504
  • USDD : 0xe6ec2f01348067e7b064a0503a47b93e038cce9f

You can freely convert USDT and USDD to each other by yourself.

Please notice the aFED is disabled for transfer now, it is only a proof and maybe mapped to FED in a ratio in the future.

The MTV/USDD trading pair has been listed, come and join us: !

Know the Decentralized Federal Reserve Board

How to use to issue currency?


Testing Bounty Program Reward Address part 1 ( 50,000 MTV per address )

Testing Bounty Program Reward Address part 2 ( for bugs confirmed )

p.s. If your address is not listed above but submitted issues, please contact us as soon as possible, thank you.


Contact us:


Twitter: @dFed_finance



Decentralized Federal Reserve Board that Enable Everyone to Issue Currency

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