How to use to issue currency?

Connect the wallet

Connect a wallet

Here comes the main interface

  • Convert: You can swap USDT and USDD here. USDD is a standard stable coin which equals USD, it only has ERC20 version and can only be converted from USDT now, it will support more stable coins and have more versions on different chains in the future. We use USDD in to trade, lend, mint, and other operations, it is very important in our system.
  • Swap: You can swap USDD and other tokens here. only supports XXX/USDD trading pair in this version, XXX can be any ERC20 token, the swap function is like uniswap or other dex.
  • Pool: You can add and remove liquidity here. only supports XXX/USDD here, you can also harvest FED and recover credit here.
  • Lend: This is the amazing feature of You can use any ERC20 token to mint USDD, which means you can lend stable coin by altcoin here.
Convert USDT to USDD
Convert USDD to USDT

First of all, we need liquidity

Select a token
Add liquidity
Details of add liquidity
Pool Page
No liquidity found
Import liquidity
Remove liquidity
Harvest aFED

Smoothly token swap

Swap tokens
Details of swap tokens

The fantastic and fabulous “Lend” function

Debts list
Import debts
Another mint
Grey area is not allowed to use
Border selection
More than one grey area
Repay debts

Recover my credit: an important but a little bit complicated mechanism

Recover My Credit
Details of recover my credit

One more thing

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Decentralized Federal Reserve Board that Enable Everyone to Issue Currency